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Veeda’s mission is to strive for every woman to be informed about, and have access to, affordable and safe feminine care. We make our hypoallergenic, toxin-free 100% cotton tampons widely available at a fair price and are excited and proud to introduce Veeda to the United Kingdom, both in Boots stores and onlineMany of us are conscious of the ingredients in the foods we eat and the products we put on our skin and hair, choosing the hypoallergenic, organic or natural options.  Yet, somehow, there is extremely low awareness among women of what ingredients are used in their sanitary protection products and what implications they may have for their health. When you buy Veeda tampons, you are choosing not only a 100% Natural Cotton, Hypoallergenic product, you also get comfort and effectiveness that rivals the top selling brands. We like to think we give our customers something to feel good about during that time of the month!

Veeda 100% Natural Cotton Tampons, Towels & Liners!