You can be period positive with Veeda and Lauren

March 21, 2016

You can be period positive with Veeda and Lauren

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We all have those little survival kits, don't we? Full of personally tailored essentials to get through any situation? I for one have a few, but the one that I use most often is my period kit. Today I thought I'd share it with you!

These are the objects that I consider my *true* period essentials - I genuinely struggle through my period without them. First up is a pair of super comfy bottoms, and personally I go for leggings. I bloat SO badly for the first day of my period (and usually a few days before, too) and I aint got no time for squeezing into skinny jeans.

Another little added extra that I totally recommend to everyone is a period tracking app. I use Period Tracker Lite and although I don't use all of the features (you can even track your symptoms) I religiously input my start and end date. This then adds it onto a little calendar which after a few months is able to predict my period pretty accurately.


Now we have the most essential essential on this list: pads and tampons. I personally don't like using tampons, but I've added these ones from Veeda* into this post because I received them and wanted to make you guys aware of them. I have used the Ultra Thin Regular Towels with Wings*,  though, and they are the most comfortable pads I've ever used. They're very thin yet absorbent and so soft against my skin. They're so lightweight that I genuinely forgot I was wearing one. I like the size and the stickiness. Sometimes I'll put a pad on and it'll either flake right off or it will become welded to my underwear and I'll have to participate in a mighty battle to remove it. These are sticky enough to be totally secure but also come off really easily. Both the pads and tampons and their packaging are completely bio-degradeable, They're both made from 100% natural cotton and are chemical-, synthetics- and dye-free meaning they're just the kind of products I'd prefer to put near my sensitive area! The tampons also reduce risk of TSS, which is so important. You can buy Veeda products from Boots (both online and in store), on eBay, Amazon and directly from their website.

Do you have any period essentials that make the experience a little nicer?