Replaced my regular monthly products with Veeda by Krystel Couture

March 30, 2016

Replaced my regular monthly products with Veeda by Krystel Couture

This was something I was skeptical about sharing on Krystel Couture, just because it’s a little out “there” and an area I haven’t really covered or considered covering on my blog. However with that being said it’s something we need to use every month and I’m always on the look out for natural alternatives to replace my regular monthly products.

Made without rayon, wood fibres, additives, chemicals and synthetics; Veeda offers a natural alternatives to your regular tampons and sanitary pads. These are 100% cotton and good for the body and environment. These do not contain toxic chemicals other brands will use in there tampons and sanitary pads which can affect the nervous system. Most if not all items that come into contact with your skin end up in your bloodstream and get distributed throughout the body. Some chemicals found in paper tampon applicators such as BPA and BPS disrupt embryonic development and are linked to heart disease and cancer. Furthermore, tampons and sanitary pads are bleached to give the fibres that pristine, “clean” white look; Not only this but they also contain GMOS and pesticides.

Toxic shock syndrome is something I always hear about and another health risk and one of the main reasons why I prefer using sanitary pads. Tampons create a favourable environment for bacteria growth and can be caused by poisonous toxins. Veeda prepare their cotton using oxygen based cleansing agents for a chlorine, dioxin and pesticide free product. The applicator looks very similar to the Tampax Pearl Complex and wasn’t to uncomfortable but could have been smoother. My flow is very light and I feel these worked great but maybe not so much so if you have a heavier flow. The super tampon applicator is pretty thick compared to other tampons I’ve used in the past but does come with inwards curves at the end of the applicator for smoother insertion.


The sanitary pads where my favourite from the range because I always try and use pads when I can as I find these more suited to my body as my flows really light and normally lasts for just 2-3 day’s. The packaging looks really natural and the tampons come in a small cardboard box with an easy flip top and where the seniority pads come in your regular plastic packaging. These are perfect for traveling with or popping in your handbag as the packaging is pretty discreet. I could definitely see myself buying into these again once I finish the products I have and really happy I’ve found a chemical free brand that works for me and my lifestyle! I think next time I will go with the regular tampons however as I feel the super ones are not the most suitable for me.


What’s your thoughts on this? Would you switch to a natural alternative?

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