All natural, all good with Heather

April 07, 2016

All natural, all good with Heather

Ok, so this post is going to be about tampons, pads and periods so if you don't want to read about that or if you're not that interested, then maybe go to another post. I don't know about you but I've always used pads, they are just convenient and easy - even though they can feel like a nappy/diaper at times! However, I've never thought about whether the pads should be made of more natural products, whether they should be hypoallergenic or whether they contain dyes or chemicals - I don't know why I haven't ever thought about that before now!

I always look for more natural skincare and bodycare products so why shouldn't I look for more natural sanitary products. Veeda make a range of sanitary towels and tampons that are all made from 100% natural cotton; they don't contain dyes, chemicals, artificial fragrances, they are hypoallergenic and even the packaging is environmentally friendly as it is biodegradable.

I have the *Veeda Natural Cotton Towels (£2.49, pack of 14): There are only a few types of towels available, at least on their website and I wish there were more variations. I have the ultra thin towels which are definitely less padded and bulky than the Always ones I usually use which do make them more comfortable and less like an adult nappy *oh, the glamour of being a woman*. They work just as well as all of the other pads I've ever used. You do get less towels in each pack when compared to the mass market packs available but I think they are worth it for a more natural alternative that can reduce the risk of allergic reactions or irritation as well as generally being a safer product to use than the mass market pads that I've been using for years. I will definitely be buying these pads from now on! They can be purchased from the Veeda website and Boots stores as well as Amazon and eBay. Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5.


I also have the *Veeda Natural Cotton Regular Tampons (£1.85, for a pack of 16): I think the price of the tampons from Veeda is fantastic and they have more variations to choose from compared to the pads. As with the pads they are made from 100% natural cotton, they don't contain dyes/chemicals/fragrance and they are hypoallergenic. I have never actually used tampons, probably because of high schools rumours about the mess and potential dangers of tampons but I might have to try these and see how I get on with them.

Have you heard of Veeda? Have you tried the towels or tampons from this brand?
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