April 08, 2016


I’ve been debating a “what’s in my handbag” post for quite a while now- but honestly the amount of scrap paper, snack wrappers, receipts and for some reason, miniature highlighters that I carry is just a bit out of hand and not really of use to anyone. In the end I decided a handbag essentials post meant I could tell you about all the things without having to share the real crap I actually haul around with me every single bloody day. Is it any wonder I have a bad back?

These Veeda tampons* aren’t something you’ll find in Superdrug, but it is a 100% organic feminine care brand set on spreading the word about caring for your cooch to women all over. I’ve always side-eyed typical feminine care products – I find tampons and pads to be horrifically uncomfortable and to be completely honest, menstrual cups scare the bloody life out of me.

Thankfully the lovely people at Veeda contacted me to ask if I wanted to try out their much kinder brand, and I couldn’t say yes quickly enough. Their products are a hundred times more comfortable than typical products I use which makes the fact that my periods seem to always surprise me slightly less horrifying.

Everything down to the packaging is eco-friendly, which is right up my alley, and I sort of feel like anything you’re about to stick up your foof should already be chemical and fragrance free, but thankfully Veeda have that covered too. The result is a much healthier way to take care of yourself – you probably have enough on your plate already on your period. My only complaint is having to pick these up online, but I can live with it.

You can take a look at Veeda and their full range here.

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