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Veeda pads hold everything by Landrine

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Hello you guys! so recently i got sent a few feminine care products from a company called Veeda. Veeda make 100% cotton, all natural tampons and sanitary towels. 
So, here's a quick rum down what Veeda does and what they stand for.
What products does Veeda make?
Veeda currently offer applicator and non-applicator tampons in; lite, regular, super and super plus. They also offer towels and panty liners. All these products have no synthetic fibres, dyes or chemicals. 
What makes Veeda different?
Veeda is the only hypoallergenic, 100% natural cotton tampons and pads on the market. Other companies use blends of different materials and fibres which aren't really all that good for you. They often contain dioxins from the bleaching process, pesticides and herbicides,synthetic chemicals, artificial colours and  fragrances that aren't good for you. Your body needs something that isn' going to destroy it in the long long run. Being so natural, Veeda tampons reduce the risk of TSS (toxic shock syndrome).
What is TSS?
TSS is caused by a bacterial infection in the body which can attack the major organs and can lead to kidney failure, collapse of the lungs and even cardiac arrest.
Are Veeda just as safe as conventional tampons? 
Yes! they're all lab tested (not on animal) so they contain no chemicals, if anything they're safer that conventional tampons because it doesn't have all that nasty stuff inside of you.
There's a ton more about Veeda thats you should all really read and educate yourselves about. head over to their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
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