Change Your Period With Veeda’s 100% Natural Cotton Products, by Amie

April 15, 2016

Change Your Period With Veeda’s 100% Natural Cotton Products, by Amie

Periods can be one of the most difficult things a woman goes through a month, it can mean you’re in lots of pain, for about a week, unable to control your bleeding and it can sometimes be incredibly uncomfortable. The thing is our feminine hygiene products become a part of our monthly shopping habits, little did you know though that in some of our regular of the shelf products, they can contain things like bleached cotton and certain synthetic products. You could potentially be putting your health at risk but not only that, would you put anything that had been bleached near your intimate area normally? Then why would you do that with your hygiene products?

 So what makes Veeda different? There are a lot of things that make Veeda different to other companies on the market, however one of the main things that make them different is the fact that they use 100% natural cotton & hypo allergenic tampon that are on the market! The thing with tampons that are on the market is that they can contain things like bleached cotton and other synthetic products like artificial fragrances & dyes. The difference is with the Veeda tampons is there are no chemicals, synthetics or dyes and do you know the best bit? It has been proven that it can reduce the risk of things like toxic shock syndrome (TSS), irritation and allergic reactions.

Never heard of TSS or toxic shock syndrome, then it is something which is incredibly important that you get to grips with it, because it is incredibly serious in terms of your health! TSS can be caused by a bacterial infection which could then go on to attack your major organs, which potentially lead to things like kidney failure, collapsed lungs and a possible cardiac arrest! All of which could happen in a matter of hours. The fabulous thing with Veeda is it can actually reduce the risk of TSS because there has never been a case of Toxic Shock Syndrome when you use 100% cotton tampons.

I know for a fact looking back at when I was in those lessons on periods and using tampons and pads you would learn about toxic shock syndrome, it isn’t something that you ever think will happen to you or think could happen in this day and age. You see all of the adverts on TV about how the products feel and look and smell, but have you ever thought about what they could be putting in there to achieve all of that?

Now we all have our favourites and our own personal choice of tampon or other feminine hygiene products, not only that when we change our brands we worry that they won’t be as reliable as our regular products. What Veeda say is they meet all the absorbency standards, not only that the fabulous thing about it is the fact that the tampons expand in width so they’re able to fit your shape and help to avoid leaks!

As someone who is passionate about the environment and has friends who are incredibly passionate too, I always look at the biodegradable time and whether they’re good for the environment, well good news ladies! The tampons are biodegradable and not only that the liners break down within 6 – 12 months and there is no need for special disposal which therefore makes theme fabulous and environmentally friendly!

I am proud to say that I am now making the amazing change to Veeda after the amazing trial run I had of these amazing products. They are some of the most comfortable pads and tampons I’ve ever used, not only that they are incredibly reliable which is one of the greatest things in the world and it gives me such confidence knowing that there will be no leaks or spills or accidents and I can go about my period and be happy!

The Veeda range starts from £1.85 on the Veeda website however you can purchase from Boots, Amazon and online! Ready to make the change?

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