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Safe and Cruelty free protection with Veeda and Emily

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About three years ago, I started to get really uncomfortable, quite severe bacterial and yeast infections on a monthly basis, coupled with itching and sometimes even blistered skin. I felt as though I was constantly in pain, going backwards and forwards to the doctors and trying every medicine and cream under the sun to get rid of the infections. After about three months, it dawned on me that I would only get these symptoms around the time of my period. A quick Google and I realized I was not alone, and that there were loads of other women who were experiencing the same things as me, and the reason? They - we - were experiencing severe allergic reactions to mainstream brand sanitary products.
I immediately switched from my usual brand - Always - to a 100% organic cotton product and I have not had a single problem since. My skin is not sensitive and I don't really have any other allergies, but these products did NOT agree with me, and it's not hard to see why; they are coated in chemicals, bleach, perfumes and plastics (see more). It's actually quite frightening to think that I used such chemical-laden products in such an intimate area for years not knowing how bad they could be for me.
This is of course my personal experience and many women will use mainstream brands for years without experiencing any problems. But I will never recommend something on my blog which I don't wholeheartedly agree with, and I can not agree with anything other than 100% organic cotton products like these tampons from Veeda.
Veeda is a relatively new brand in the UK, but their ethos is clear and simple - provide the best products for our health and the environment in the most ethical possible way. The products themselves are well packaged and excellent quality, they're also super affordable and available in selected Boots stores as well as online at Veeda's website.
As well as tampons, Veeda also makes sanitary towels, which they kindly sent me to try. They are soft, absorbent and thin, unlike some other towels which can be uncomfortably thick and padded. I've had no problems whatsoever with the Veeda products, which is always a worry when switching to a new brand following my past experiences, but knowing these are 100% natural cotton is a big relief. These are also cheaper than the brands I have used in the past, so I'll definitely continue to pick these up in future.
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