Put your worries to sleep with Veeda and Catherine

April 18, 2016

Put your worries to sleep with Veeda and Catherine

Yeah, it's that time of the month again...Don't you just love Mother Nature?

This month I decided to try out a new brand and that brand is Veeda, set up by two Australian guys who noticed there was a gap in them market for affordable and natural sanitary products. Veeda focus on three key areas: Customers, Environment and Community, which is the kind of things you want a company to care about really, isn't it?

As you can see on the packaging of both products and it goes for all of Veeda's products actually, but they're made from natural cotton and contain no synthetics, chemicals or dyes, so they're keeping you as clean as you can be down there .Veeda Tampons also reduce the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), irritation and allergic reactions and they're the last things you need when already dealing with your period, so that's pretty sweet.

I'm going to honest, when I opened up the delivery of the products, I was like 'cool, tampons and pads, standard', however when I opened up the pack of tampons I was like 'erm what?' I'd never used non-applicator tampons, I don't think I'd even seen what one looked like before. I guess that's my own fault for not exploring the market a bit more until now.

Now, despite my initial shock at the non-applicator tampons, after reading the information sheet that comes with them, I felt ready to try them out. As it turned out, they were really easy to insert, so I had nothing to worry about and I'd definitely use them again. There were no leaks, no irritation, they did the job pretty well and I just felt more comfortable knowing it was a natural product I was using.

I generally don't use towels/pads, I just don't really like them. However, I do think they would be pretty handy to use when you're sleeping. Tampons aren't meant to be worn for more than 8 hours and if you're like me, you'll sleep for longer than 8 hours whenever you get the chance. By using towels/pads, you haven't got that worry of the time limit and it's probably better than risking wearing nothing and then having to change your bed sheets the next day.

The tampons I used are priced at £1.85, while the towels are £2.49, to me, that is incredible value for money. You expect to pay a little more for natural products, but Veeda set out to create those products at an affordable price, which is exactly what they've done and I'm impressed.

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