Veeda part of the Vegan Lifestyle Association

April 28, 2016

The Vegan Lifestyle Association is  here for anyone who wants to live a greener, healthier and more ethical way of life. They welcome everyone - whether you're an omnivore, flexitarian, vegetarian, pescetarian, vegan or anywhere in between. They encourage people that look deeper into the products they buy and take proper care of their health.

This is an altruistic venture with the simple mission to save lives and save our planet. They are all volunteers, funded purely by donations and are registered not-for-profit. 

We were absolutely thrilled to have our vegan, cruelty-free, non-GMO Veeda products listed in their directory.


The VEGAN lifestyle ASSOCIATION offers a new perspective on contemporary veganism and presents the opportunity for people to really understand its dynamic and positive implications and to then engage with it. Veganism in 2015 is easy, liberating, cost effective and beneficial to health. 

For more info on the amazing job they do please check their website as well as for the promo code we have given to their readers and members.