April 29, 2016


I'm not going to shout about how fabulous periods are because lets face it, sometimes they're really horrible, instead I am going to show you what gets me through my own. I know staying active and exercise is meant to be great for helping with cramps and whatever else but I personally like to wrap myself up in my duvet and gorge on chocolate for a few days, it works for me. 


I'm an emotional mess when my period comes knocking, I turn into a dragon lady and switch between anger to uncontrollable tears so I need as many chick flicks, magazines and crap food I can take. Cadburys will always be my number one, it's there for me whenever I'm sad and chocolate is life. Pair a giant bar of Cadburys with Legally Blonde on Netflix, my fluffy hot water bottle and a pile of women's magazines and I'm set for the weekend. 

I've just switched over from the main sanitary wear brands to Veeda*, a 100% natural cotton, eco-friendly and affordable feminine care company run by two Australian men who saw a gap in the market. I find that Always and Tampax just focus on pleasing packaging and ad campaigns more so than the actual product so it was time to switch and Veeda landed on my doorstep at the right time. After snooping them out in Boots and seeing how affordable their products were, I stocked up on pads and tampons, all of which are fragrance free, bio-degradable, Hypo-allergenic with no chemicals, synthetics or dyes plus they're super comfy to wear, which makes all the difference to me. Comfort is a must for me while I'm moving around in bed crying and watching a sad film. 

The reviews on Veeda's website say it all, they're one of the best loved brands for natural feminine care and I'm a total convert. Why shouldn't we all have safe, affordable feminine care for that time of the month?
Have you used Veeda? What are your thoughts on natural feminine care?
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