Happier period with Veeda

May 16, 2016

Happier period with Veeda

Like anyone with a uterus, I’ve had my fair share of period disasters, stresses and excruciating pain. From clenching my thighs on the Victoria Line because I’ve been caught out, to panicking wildly about an early (or worse: late) period, it’s easy to have a pretty negative feelings about that time of the month. And that’s without even broaching the subject of dysphoria – I cannot imagine how hard it must be to experience gender dysphoria and still get your period. You guys are badasses. I don’t know if any of these tips will be helpful for trans/agender people but they have been written with the intention of being inclusive! Of course these tips also aren’t intended for people who have health problems – endo, pcos etc. I’m not a stranger to these illnesses but I would never presume to be able to help another person with them, I’m not a healthcare professional.

I was invited to try out Veeda’s natural period products* and I have to say I loved them. Their tampons are 100% natural cotton and crucially, they don’t contain any bleach. The pads are super thin and they’re fragrance free, which is GREAT. I started using Always again about a year ago and I was devastated to smell that vile ‘sanitary towel’ fragrance coming from them. Veeda’s are natural, comfortable, and better for both your body and the environment.

Everyone’s period is different, and you might find my tips to be completely out of line with your experiences – if so I’m sorry you spent all that time reading them! But if you do struggle, I hope they might have helped you see your period in a more positive, or at least less negative light.

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