Girl Talk with Veeda

May 24, 2016

Girl Talk with Veeda

Ok, ok it can be awkward talking about the ‘time of the month’ but its natural right? Every girl shares in the same experience but have you ever wondered what goes into the products you may use. The tampons and pads from those well-known brands we all know in the market are generally made from blends of bleached cotton and/or synthetic products. They can contain dioxins from the bleaching process, pesticide and herbicide residues, synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances and dyes. Considering these go near very intimate areas, it’s kinda gross when you really start thinking about it right…?!

To be honest, I myself didn’t take much thought into it before. When speaking to my girlfriends, a couple of my friends have been concerned on the chemical used but mainly concerned about the how these products have an effect on the environment and they have gone down the Mooncup route however personally I just don’t think I can get on board with using them. I was then left thinking there wasn’t any other alternative options than using the products which generally use all kind of ingredients. Then I was introduced to Veeda. Veeda recently got in touch with me to introduce their 100% natural products (hurray!), so I was eager to introduce the brand to you too!

Veeda was originally founds by two guys when a friend of theirs returned to her native Brazil and couldn’t find any natural tampons. They then realised that natural options were in short supply – and overpriced – all across the world and set out to make a change. Veeda tampons are hypoallergenic, 100% natural cotton tampons – no chemicals in sight! This means Veeda tampons reduce the risk of toxic shock syndrome (TTS), irritation and allergic reactions. They currently offer applicator and applicator-free tampons in Lite, Regular, Super and Super plus and also offers a range of towels and liner, again all 100% natural cotton.  And if you have concerns about the products and packaging damaging the environment, well Veeda have thought about that too! All of the Veeda’s products are Biofilm packaging which means it’s all biodegradable, breaking down in 6-12 months and does not require special disposal, even the tampon itself is 100% biodegradable, even in landfill.

I think you’ll agree, Veeda really bring their A-game to the world of feminine hygiene. When you compare Veeda to other well-known brands who use ‘god knows what’ in their products, I know who I would choose! Veeda are available in most Boots store across the UK.

So what do think? Will you opt for 100% natural with Veeda?

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