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Veeda’s products reduce the risk of irritation and allergic reactions

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There are many things in this world that should be spoken about more, I believe one of those subjects should be feminine care and the products available. As much as we like to shy away from it, periods are a perfectly normal and natural thing. Therefore I believe we should be trying to use natural products. In this post I aim to explain more about Veeda as a brand and their products, including information about how other products from well-known brands can possibly be harmful.


The team at Veeda got in touch with me and asked if I’d like to collaborate with them. At this point you’re probably thinking, why are you working with such a brand? As I mentioned above, I believe we should be talking more about feminine hygiene – it is a huge part of being a woman after all.

I was surprised to learn Veeda was actually founded by two guys! After a friend of theirs returned from Australia to Brazil and couldn’t find natural feminine hygiene products, they realized natural options were overpriced and hard to find, thus setting themselves a mission to change this.

Veeda pride themselves on creating products that have natural ingredients and are an affordable price. They currently offer applicator and applicator-free tampons in lite, regular, super and super plus. Veeda also offer a range of towels and liners, all 100% natural cotton.

Feminine hygiene products from other well-known brands are made from blends of bleach and/or synthetic products. Veeda’s products reduce the risk of irritation and allergic reactions due to using no synthetics, no chemicals and no dyes. The packaging of the Veeda towels is made from a biodegradable wrap that breaks down in 6-12 month, making them environmentally friendly.

Head over to the brands website if you would like to learn more about Veeda, or find Veeda in a store near you. I didn’t quite realize how harmful other products out there can be – I think this has swayed me to purchase more natural feminine care products in future.

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