My Health With Veeda Sanitary Products

June 08, 2016

My Health With Veeda Sanitary Products

Some of you may cringe at this kind of blog post, but I think women’s health is extremely important, and the younger we are to discuss and understand it, the better. I was recently sent some products from a new brand, Veeda, and here’s an insight in to why we need to be educated on these kinds of products.


Veeda is an all-new 100% natural, innovative and affordable range of women’s sanitary products, providing a healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative to help make that time of the month a little more comfortable and easier on your body. All of Veeda’s products are manufactured from 100% natural cotton, which is synthetic free and hypoallergenic. By switching to Veeda products, users have experienced less irritation, less painful and often shorter periods.


We are all conscious of the ingredients in the foods we eat and the products we use on our skin, yet when it comes to periods, when we are at our most vulnerable, we are often less discriminating – using sanitary products that contain nasties, including bleached cotton, pesticides, toxins, viscose rayon, dyes and fragrances.

These ingredients found in most other tampons can cause:
* Irritation
* Allergies (Which can make cramps more painful)
* Risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome
* If they contain viscose rayon, this can promote the production of the toxin that can lead to TSS
* Rayon fibres can also break off and cause TSS even after removal
The complete Veeda range consists of 9 products including applicator tampons, non-applicator tampons, liners, and towels in regular, super and super plus, and they can be found instore and online at Boots here, starting at just £1.85, although at the moment there is currently 1/3 off. So, if you have a younger sister, or friends and family, let’s make sure this kind of knowledge is passed around, as it is certainly nothing to be scared or shy about, especially in today’s modern world.
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