The High Tea Cast Review

October 13, 2015

The High Tea Cast Review


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That time of the month means several things. A whole host of cravings, varying moods and the constant reminder that men do have it easier. It also means santinary supplies. Most of us stick to familiar well known brands and supermarket own brands. They offer just what we need and have the plush advertising that draws us in. But do we really know what we are using? What’s in these products? Are they safe to use and is there an alternative choice? I trialled Veeda® and their range to see what all the hype was about and to see what I had been missing.1

Who are they and what do they offer? 

Veeda was founded by two guys (Yep two guys. No joke) when a friend of theirs returned from Australia to her native Brazil and couldn’t find any natural sanitary products. Something most of us probably haven’t really bothered to question, if we’re being honest. They realized that natural options were in short supply and overpriced, all over the world, and set out to change it. And who said men don’t get women?

Veeda offer applicator and applicator-free tampons, in lite, regular, super and super plus tampons. They also offer a range of towels, and liners, all 100% natural cotton for your comfort and safety. No synthetics. No chemicals. No dyes. Period.

Veeda Tampons 100% Natural Cotton

Veeda tampons – 100% natural cotton

Why does this matter?

Well Veeda tampons and pads are the only hypoallergenic, 100% natural cotton products on the market. Conventional tampons from well-known brands are made from blends of bleached cotton and/or synthetic products. They can contain dioxins from the bleaching process, pesticide and herbicide residues (yes, you read that right), synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances, and dyes. Not the nicest or safest of things to have near or in your vagina really.

Veeda tampons claim to be 100% cotton and have no chemicals, no synthetics, and no dyes. As a result, Veeda tampons reduce the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), irritation, and allergic reaction. Viscose Rayon which is found in conventional tampons promotes the production of the toxin that can lead to TSS. Rayon fibres can also break off and cause TSS even after removal of the actual tampon. The risk of TSS is still a real issue in the developed world, with up to 1 in 100 girls and women contracting tampon-related TSS in their lifetime. So it’s reassuring to know that medical experts have backed that Veeda tampons can dramatically reduce your risk of  tampon-related TSS when using their 100% natural cotton tampons.


Veeda Natural Cotton Pads

Veeda Natural Cotton Pads

My experience

Being a sufferer of Endometriosis I am extra aware of my health down there and care a lot about what I am putting into my body, and if it might irritate me and my condition. It shouldn’t be any different with sanitary products. I only came across Veeda whilst swiping away on twitter. I began following Veeda and they very nicely messaged me and asked if I would like a sample pack sent out. This is something they have been doing for any followers on twitter this week. I was very keen to try the brand especially as I’m very pro natural products in general. 

Tampons have always been a problem for me owing to the irritation they’ve caused my Endometriosis in the past so I was dubious. Veeda’s are amazing. I used the regular applicator-free tampons.  They were super comfy and soft in comparison to other brands I’ve used and I had no leakage or irritation at all.  The pads with wings were equally brilliant with great absorbency despite the thinness, and with an ultra soft touch – meaning I felt less like I was wearing a mini nappy and more like it was a liner doing the job of a heavy duty pad. Using Veeda in the knowledge that I was free of chemicals, dyes and synthetics made it a better experience. I am definitely one happy customer and converted fan.

The prices are no different to usual brands – averaging between £1.50 – £3.00 for varying products and as an extra blast of brilliance Veeda run an offset program to minimize their environmental impact. With 100% biodegradeable tampons, BPA-free applicators, and a biodegradeable wrap on their towel packages that break down in 6-12 months, needing no special disposal making it environmentally friendly. Win!

The full range is available at selected Boots stores and online at

Will you make the big switch?

Full disclosure: I was offered a free sample pack but was not asked to review the products – they gave a lot of samples away on Twitter that week!