That Girl Behind Her Mask Review!

November 23, 2015

That Girl Behind Her Mask Review!

Lets talk about tampons, wait what?

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When Veeda emailed me asking me to collab with them and write a post about feminine care at first I was a bit unsure. Then I realised that feminine hygiene isn't really talked about enough in the blogging world. No I'm not going to write a post about reviewing a tampon, to much information! Tampons are tampons, we know what they do. But I am going to give you some information about this brand and why I think its so great. 
When I was in secondary school like all of you I learnt about what would happen when I got my period and about TTS. Toxic shock syndrome is caused by a bacterial infection which can attack the major organs, leading to kidney failure, collapse of the lungs and even cardiac arrest. I was told in school to just not use tampons all the time and use sanitary towels too. Since then Ive never thought about it. I had NO idea women were still getting this and 50% of occurrences are accosted with high absorbency tampon use! 
I'd never though about what tampons were made of , I assumed that my regular brand was just cotton.Viscose rayon promotes the production of the toxin which leads to TTS and rayon fibres can also break off and cause TTS after the removal of the tampon. I surprises me that brands still risk using ingredients like this which have been proven a risk to our health.  
There has never been a case of tampon related TTS when using 100% cotton tampons. 
Worth having a think and checking out the brands you are currently using ladies!  
Reading this information kindly provided by Veeda has made me think. Im careful with what ingredients is in my food and Im so careful with what ingredients are in my skincare products and now I'm going to be careful which feminine hygiene products and switch to Veeda. 
What are your thoughts??

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Laura xxx

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