Excellent Feminine Care with Veeda

January 15, 2016

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Unless you've been living under a rock, you're probably aware of the UK spending review which happened around 2 weeks ago. Tampons are taxed because they're considered a luxury item so the one thing which has mostly annoyed women is that the tampon tax hasn't been lifted but rather the tax will now go towards helping female charities. Whilst I don't actually agree with this, as I feel it's more us females are now paying to fund our own charities aimed at helping us, I do think there is something to be said about these products being a 'luxury' item.

Whilst most women are arguing that these aren't luxury items, sometimes I think that they are to some people. Women who have never had a problem with their cycle often think the whole thing is annoying, a pain, irritating.. the list goes on. And you know, that's ok, because these women don't know any different. However, what if you don't have periods? And what if you don't, but desperately want children? The idea of having a cycle, to them, is then definitely going to be a luxury.

I messed around with my body, so lost my cycle for 3 years. And actually, it was pretty scary. I didn't even think I wanted children but as soon as something is taken away from you, I realised that maybe I do. Thankfully, I got my life back on track but I now have to remind myself that it's not something we should take for granted or assume they will always be there. In that respect, it's a luxury to have a fully functioning, healthy body and it's important to take care of ourselves.

This brings me nicely onto a brand called Veeda*, who are the brand to make hypoallergenic, 100% natural cotton tampons. Unlike other brands who actually use a mixture of ingredients such as viscose rayon, propylene, cotton and plastics, Veeda products have no chemicals, no dyes and no synthetics, so they reduce the risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS), irritation and allergic reactions. Whilst we pretty much assume that TSS won't happen to us, the risk is still a real phenomenon, with 1 in 100 females suffering some the syndrome in their lifetime!

So, switching to organic products is definitely worth thinking about isn't it? I know that that time of the month can be a pain in the arse and a complete inconvenience, but sometimes it's nice to remember that to some, this time is a real luxury and isn't something to be taken for granted. We have to take care of our bodies and be kind to ourselves, only then will it reward you back.