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(See the original post here, published on Wednesday, 30 December 2015)  

Today I'm sharing with you two fully girly products, theVeeda Tampons and Towels. I'm not shy talking about periods or other girl problems because awareness needs to be raised about what your normal products you are using on your period could be doing to you.

Veeda products are 100% cotton. The normal brands we all use once a month are not. They contain awful things such as Viscose rayon, Propelyne, Bleached Cotton & Chemicals. Now we use these down there for a week, think what that is doing to you. You probably wouldn't ever know they are in your towels or tampons because they aren't required to tell you by law! 
Worst of all Viscose Rayon that is found in tampons can cause Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). Toxic Shock Syndrome is caused by a bacterial infection which can attack your organs leading to kidney failure, collapse of your lungs and even death. Using Veeda products will stop you getting TSS, there has never been a case with the use of their tampons. 
The towels are lovely to use. Not only are you safe using them but they work really well. No leakage, no irritation and they aren't uncomfortable to wear. I don't ever wear tampons as I find them really uncomfortable so I can't comment but if I ever did start to wear them I would use these ones for the fact they wont cause TSS. 
Overall I am so pleased I was sent them as I'm going to continue using these every month for safety and because the pads are amazing!
Will you be changing? 
What to you think about the harsh chemicals in the bigger brands?
Let me know!


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