Feminine products that make a change by the Beauty Type

January 20, 2016

Feminine products that make a change by the Beauty Type

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I bet a lot of people cringe at the idea of talking about feminine hygiene products on blogs. I know its a bit of an odd subject for me too! However when I was contacted by Veeda, a new feminine brand that create tampons and towels that contain no synthetics, no chemicals and no dyes! The products are 100% cotton and best part, they work just as well!

I know from my own pre-judgements I used to believe natural products would be so poorly designed to save the environment that they wouldn't work. I think we all know how important natural and eco products are and how good they can be!

Veeda tampons are 100% cotton and do not contain any chemicals or dyes and have not been bleached in order to maintain a healthier product! By being so good in terms of their material, they also reduce the risk of toxic shock syndrome which can be a daunting prospect when really us girls just want to make that time of the month as easy as possible! According to a study done by medical experts, there has never been a case of TSS when using cotton products. RESULT!

A lot of the products currently found in Boots do contain plastics, dyes, viscose rayon and other dangerous chemicals and materials that simply don't agree with the delicate area.

These pads and tampons work just as well at avoiding any leaks and keeping you protected, just doing it in a better for the environment and YOU way!

You can buy them from Boots from £1.99 here [LINK]

Veeda was also created by men... I say no more! But I was surprised too! So well done guys!