With Veeda it's only natural by Christina

January 29, 2016

With Veeda it's only natural by Christina

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I just want to start by saying I can't believe in this day and age that periods are seen as a taboo subject. It's natural and happens to every woman on the planet, therefore we should be able to speak openly about our periods and we should be able to discuss pads and tampons on the internet or in person.

Who are Veeda and what do they do?

Veeda are a company that produce 100% cotton pads, tampons and liners. Founded by two Australian guys (See not all of them are the same girls!)
 They started the company after their friend returned from Australia to her native Brazil, where she explained she couldn't find and natural tampons or pads. The boys realised the products were in short supply and how expensive they were. They set out to help out Brazil but ended up straight up in the world of feminine care.

Why cotton?

It's natural, resourceful and hypoallergenic so why not?
The products Veeda make are natural as explained so they DON'T contain any synthetics, dyes or chemicals. Unlike well known brands who's products are made from blends of bleached cotton and/or synthetic products. They can also contain dioxins from the bleaching process, pesticide and herbicide residue, synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances and dyes.

As Veeda don't contain anything like that they subsequently reduce the risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS) Yes it's real and it's still around, they also reduce the risk of irritation and allergic reactions.

What is toxic shock syndrome (TSS)

You know that warning that's on every packet of tampons you buy? You know the one you were warned to read about when you learnt about periods in school? Well it's actually quite serious, you may think oh it's not around any more with the advance in products, but the risk is still there ladies. TSS is a bacterial infection that can attack the major organs, leading to kidney failure, collapsing of the lungs and even cardiac arrest sometimes in a matter of hours! Fifty percent of occurrences are associated with high absorbency tampon use.

Viscose rayon which is found in conventional tampons promotes the production of the toxin that can lead to TSS even after removal of the tampon as Rayon fibres can break off and get left behind. According to a multitude of medical experts using 100% cotton tampons reduces the risk of TSS and there hasn't been a case of tampon-related TSS when using one.


The applicator tampons are made from plastic as over 96% of women surveyed preferred the comfort of a plastic applicator as appose to a cardboard one. Veeda run an offset programme to minimise the environmental impacts of the BPA-free applicators and they make non applicator tampons too.

The outside packaging on the pads and tampons is made of biodegradable wrap, which is environmentally friendly and that breaks down in 6-12 months and does not require special disposal.

The non applicator tampons


I was sent a sample of the non applicator tampons in a box of 16. I was sent the regular absorbency tampons. I'm personally (no reflection on the company) not a huge fan of tampons but I will use them occasionally. Now as far as non applicator tampons go they're the same size as any other that I have used before. I gave the string a good pull to test the durability of it, it isn't going to budge so don't worry about that happening.

The tampons were easy to use and felt comfortable for the amount of time that I used them. I honestly couldn't tell that it was in when wearing it. I had no leaks and I didn't feel uncomfortable once.

Is there a difference?
I'm going to say yes, not just because I was sent these but because I could honestly feel the difference in these tampons compared to the ones I normally buy. Veeda's tampons felt so much softer in comparison to leading brands,

The packaging I though was really discreet and easy to just pop into your handbag or a small pouch inside your handbag, they're even small enough to fit into that little pocket in jeans if you don't have a bag with you but need to carry a tampon about with you.

The price of this pack was £1.85 on the Veeda website. Which for a pack of tampons I think is quite cheap in comparison to some others.

Overall I'll rate this product a 4/5 as I said before I don't normally use tampons but I may make the switch over to these in the future.

The pads

I was sent a pack of 14 ultra thin towels. These are once again 100% natural cotton. These are honestly the comfiest pads I have ever worn in my however many years of using them. I could not feel a thing, they didn't itch and I didn't once leak.

The packaging of these is bright purple, but I found that the outer wrapper didn't make a rustling sound like some of the leading brands do.

These are 100% my new favourite pads, I WILL be making the switch over to these in the future and I rate them 5/5.

This pack retails at £2.49 on Veeda's website, which is around the same price I pay anyway but I wouldn't even mind paying slightly more for them as I really do think they are worth it.


So overall I will 100% recommend Veeda products to all of you and I think you should all make the switch over to 100% natural cotton tampons as not only are they better for you in the long run but they are great quality and affordable.

They are available from:
Boots (instore too)
and amazon and Ebay.

So once again thank you to the guys at Veeda for sending me these to sample and review and for changing my mind about what I use at put into my body.

Until next time
Christina x