Let's get a little more personal with Veeda by Lauren

February 01, 2016

Let's get a little more personal with Veeda by Lauren

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As I am sure you all know by now, I love it when I find amazing natural/organic products. I was very happy when Veeda* contacted me to see whether I would be interested in trying out their natural sanitary products.

Veeda's tampons and towels are all 100% natural cotton, compared to popular well known brands which use bleached cotton and/or synthetic products. The amount of fragrances, dyes and chemicals used in sanitary products is quite shocking. Veeda only use natural hypoallergenic products, so people with even the most sensitive of skin can use them.

As a result of the Veeda tampons not containing such harsh chemicals, this reduces the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome. Now I haven't heard about Toxic Shock Syndrome for a good few years now, but it is still a problem today.

It is quite sad how matters such as Toxic Shock Syndrome aren't spoken about enough and there are likely to be many people who don't even know it exists or how it can occur. Toxic Shock Syndrome is caused by a bacterial infection which can attack the major organs which can lead to kidney failure and even heart attacks.

Viscose rayon found in conventional tampons promotes the production of the toxin that can lead to Toxic Shock Syndrome.  To date there has never been a case of tampon-related Toxic Shock Syndrome when using natural tampons.

I have tested out the towels and tampons during my recent 'time of the month' and can honestly say I am impressed. The towels are very soft to wear with their 'silk-soft' cover sheet and they are very absorbent with no leakage at all.

At first I assumed that they would cost a lot of money, I was wrong. They only cost £1.98 per pack of 14 (which is what I was paying using more well known sanitary brands) and you can buy them from their website here or from Boots here.  I genuinely will now be switching to using Veeda every month and wish I had come across this brand sooner.

Have you ever used any natural sanitary products before? Were you aware of what your sanitary products may contain?

Love Lauren