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A More Eco-Friendly Period with Veeda

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I was super jazzed when I got to try out Veeda. Their pads and tampons - they're a great, a more eco-friendly alternative to the usual pads and tampons on the shelves so I jumped at the chance to try them. Veeda sent me a set of sanitary products and a lovely information pack about their products and periods to use.

I've always worried about the amount of waste produced by sanitary products, and all of the chemicals used, but been too much of a wimp to try a menstrual cup, so Veeda sounded like the perfect product for me!
Veeda is made of 100% cotton, and their sanitary towels and panty liners use a biodegradable wrap which disintegrates within a year, making them way more environmentally-friendly than the average sanitary towels. In addition to this, Veeda confirmed that they are a cruelty-free and vegan friendly product and company, which is wonderful.  
Veeda sent me both pads and tampons to try. I'm not a tampon user at all, having used them thrice in my life, on holidays and for a dance show. I'm just not a fan of shoving things up there when I'm on my period but I tried them anyway! 
I found the pads to be comfortable and less irritating on my sensitive skin than some of the popular brands which was great. I have a heavy flow but found these pads just as absorbent as what I was using previously. More eco-friendly, more comfortable, and just as absorbent, so a 10/10 from me! I'll definitely be using them again and I'm hoping they become more widely available soon. 
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