Care for Down There with Veeda

June 29, 2016

Care for Down There with Veeda

Continuing with the theme of caring for our body, today I am focusing on caring for our feminine hygiene during periods by going natural and organic. Back at the beginning of this year I decided to make the transition to organic cotton cruelty-free feminine products, for both the health of my body and the environment. 
Here is a summary of reasons why you should care about what you use during your time of the month:

First of all, organic cotton is grown without chemical fertilisers or pesticides. This results in naturally hypoallergenic products that are untreated and therefore the same pH as our body.

It’s crazy to fathom but other well-known brands use manufactured materials such as synthetic fibres doused in harsh chemicals! Like why is that even an acceptable thing to put in or near delicate areas of our body?! How necessary is bleaching our tampons with chlorine and adding perfume to our pads? Spoiler: It is not.

Consequently, using the natural ingredient of cotton means they are biodegradable; not only that but the cardboard applicators and packaging are biodegradable too!
Honestly, there isn’t much difference in prices when it comes to these organic products, but atleast we know that the money we spend is kinder on the planet and ourselves.
“Nothing is for free and you always get what you pay or don’t pay for... so, if you buy "super cheap" feminine hygiene product bargains you might pay the difference with your health!”
Last but not least, many of these organic brands are actually more readily available than you’d think. For example I purchase Veeda from my local Boots.
To summarise, I personally believe for a small extra price we are proving we care for our bodies by using non-chemically grown and manufactured products that aren’t tested on animals and will biodegrade due to the certified organic cotton in our pads and tampons. What do you think?
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