I recommend Veeda because it's simple, comfortable and natural

August 06, 2016

I recommend Veeda because it's simple, comfortable and natural

Today it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty of lifestyle blogging, break down some comfort barriers and zones and all that, and talk about That Time of Month, my pal Tom, periods.

I have fairly regular irregular periods. I know to expect mine every 6 weeks (don’t worry, I’ve seen doctors about it!) and that it’ll be a bloody beast of one, if you’ll pardon the pun, which is convenient and inconvenient in all of its very own ways. The six-week margin means I can comfortably indulge in lengthier holidays and lounge around with not a care in the world, but it also means that I suffer with crippling period pains that mean I often take a solid hour to get out of bed or convince myself to get up from a seat. Like many, I pretty much become Professor Umbridge (aka a demented bat, albeit a magical one) when my period rolls around and so I have a failsafe kit and ritual to get through.

My mate Kristen and I strongly believe in feeding your period. Not about that ‘pizza and chocolate will worsen your cramps’ life. If I want a pizza, I’m bloody having one. Temporary fixes and all ;) After all, nothing much beats comfort food, amirite?

When it comes to the whole pad vs. tampon debate, I’m firmly back in the pad camp these days. I read a horrendous article about a woman losing a leg and another losing her life after suffering from Toxic Shock Syndrome via a forgotten tampon and, you know what? I’m forgetful and anxious enough already. A sanitary towel is simple and comfortable to use for me and fits in nicely to my Mish Can’t Swim Anyway lifestyle. I strongly recommend these ones from Veeda. They’re made from 100% natural cotton and just feel pretty damn nice, as far as things go. In Hong Kong I used an organic cotton brand from South Korea and I was desperate to find something similar back home in England, and these tick all the boxes. So comfortable, kind on the skin and kind to the environment too! I hate the clammy feeling from the Always varieties, if ya get my drift.

Short of the whole avoiding my faithful white wardrobe and all that jazz, I suppose my other TOM tips and tricks include avoiding caffeine (for me it enhances pain from cramps) and replacing my morning coffee with a mug of Korean honey and ginger tea, running a long bath a day before your period is due - any excuse to crack out a The Comforter Bubble Bar, and, if you can stand it, some light yoga and a long walk. And failing that? Grab a pet, pop Netflix on and watch several episodes of vintage Gossip Girl.

Trust me, we’ve got this girls.

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