Natural Cotton Tampons and Towels from Veeda

September 06, 2016

Natural Cotton Tampons and Towels from Veeda

We don’t have a certain category that our blog is based around. If you scroll through our posts we’ve talked about all sorts from makeup all the way to music. But one thing we’ve never talked about is periods! Shockingly enough, a lot of people find talking about that dreaded ‘time of the month’ quite embarrassing or awkward and admittedly, it was something we never really thought about blogging about. That was until we were contacted by Veeda, who asked us to review their natural feminine hygiene products! So with that in mind, this might be one of those TMI sort of posts so if talking about periods isn’t your thing, it’s probably best to not read this one!

Veeda sent us a pack of their ultra-thin regular towels £2.49 as well as a box of 16 regular tampons £1.85. As soon as we saw that Veeda is a company who pride themselves on being 100% natural, we were really excited (are we mad? Who is ever excited for their period to start?!) about trying out these products. Knowing how bad regular brands are for the environment made us really intrigued to see if these products were not only better for the environment but better for us too.

For us, the packaging of the product is always important. We think the packaging of the Veeda towels and tampons are simple, yet effective! The logo is eye catching but not too in your face and the illustration of the plant represents the natural cotton used to make the products. To us, the plain white packaging of the towel itself reinforces the simplicity/purity of the towels. We like the fact that the tampons have minimal packaging, although they do not have an applicator. We have to admit, we don’t actually use tampons ourselves but we know that a lot of people prefer tampons with an applicator. But there’s no need to worry, since Veeda sell a range of tampons with applicators too!

Apart from the ridiculous pains you get when you’re on your monthly, one of the worst things is being uncomfortable on your period. We’re pleased to say that when we tried out the towels, we found that they are really comfortable to wear. In fact, half the time it didn’t even feel like we were wearing a towel, they were that comfortable!

We both suffer with quite heavy periods so the absorbency is vital for us as when you’re out and about you don’t want to risk leaking! We both chose to test the towels at different parts of our periods to see when it would be best to use the ultra-thin towels. When it comes down to the absorbency of the product, we found that the Veeda towels are not as absorbent as the regular towels we both use. They are very different in that the blood seemed to spread rather than stay in one place. Because of this, we were both quite worried that our periods would leak while using them. However, we don’t want to fault Veeda too much, since the towels they sent us are probably not best for a heavy flow! We noticed that the absorbency was a lot better during the middle of our periods too! Since the cotton towels are so comfortable, we would both definitely try out the ultra-thin night towels at the start of our periods and then use the regular ones towards the end.

The tampons that Veeda sent us came in a small discrete box. Now as we said earlier, we’ve never used tampons and we were extremely scared to do so. Yep, it may be silly but the thought of it potentially getting ‘stuck up there’ or getting TSS is just something that plays on our mind. Since we were kindly sent tampons as well as towels, we still wanted to test the absorbency of the product and let you guys know how well they do! We put one in some water and it expanded quite a lot, so we know that if we did decide to use them we’d be comfortable knowing that they would soak up quite a lot! However, we really don’t know as much about tampons as we probably should, so it is probably best to try them out for yourself!

We had a look on their website and we feel that Veeda have a bigger variety of tampons, so if you prefer using these you’re in luck!  While browsing their website we also came across some natural cotton panty liners which is something we would definitely like to try at some point! All in all we were impressed with the Veeda towels and how soft and comfortable they were to wear. They were very discrete too which is great since we sometimes can feel quite self-conscious of people seeing the outline of our towels through out clothes. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for not being ashamed or embarrassed of periods, but sometimes we just don’t feel comfortable with people being able to see them!

We especially love the fact that Veeda create products that are made with natural cotton and no chemicals, synthetics or dyes. In comparison to normal brands which have all sorts of chemicals in their products, we felt more comfortable wearing Veeda and knowing they were safer for us! Receiving these products has made us reconsider what we wear when we get our periods. 

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