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Natural Products on the Rise

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Hello beautiful today’s post is on the rise of natural products. I was contacted by Veeda to see if I wanted to try a couple of their products and after thinking about it, I thought I’d give it a go. You see it got me thinking about how natural, ethical, cruelty free, organic and whole foods have become more and more the ‘norm’. Growing up in the West Indies, natural was my ‘norm’ and it was common to have avocados growing in your backyard. Or any type of fruit or vegetable for that matter. So in a way it’s strange that these things are seen as new or even innovative.

Whilst food is a huge topic, that isn’t the only area that has started to make changes. Hygiene on a whole has shifted to include more of the natural side of things. You have places like Lush who make and sell body lotions, shampoos natural soaps and deodarants. The feminine hygiene market has also seen a shift, again where using natural products is at the core of their brand. Brands like Veeda who use 100% cotton in the manufacturing of their products. Which ultimately makes is safer for us women.

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