Stay Healthy and Informed with Veeda

June 29, 2016

Stay Healthy and Informed with Veeda

So this blog is about female health. Periods... It's about the products we use - it's not a glamorous or sexy conversation - but definitely one worth having.  Female empowerment and confidence can come from any number of actions we take - as well as the products we use in everyday life.

I've never really given the products I use much thought except do they 'work' and are they comfortable. I guess that's where the buck stops - do they work. Being a women and having to endure a period every month for a good 40+ years of your life - means coping with bleeding and still going about life without letting that get in our way. So confidence in the products we use is an absolute must.

I was contacted by Veeda a new company that is setting out to raise awareness of sanitary products and how they are made. They asked if I would test them and write a review.  Of course I agreed, after I delved deeper into their company story I was a) surprised and b) more informed and c) felt empowered to change my ways.

Most of us are aware of organic food, fair trade cotton - even organic fashion is a thing. But many of us go into auto pilot and don't really think about what we are putting 'inside' or 'next to' our intimate parts of our body every month.  I have a few friends who went over to the moon cup, which I thought was quite radical - but that really wasn't for me. The fact that most sanitary products are made from synthetic materials honestly hasn't been a consideration for me - until now.

Veeda are busy raising awareness of the production methods for female sanitary items. Having to cope with a period every month is enough already, but now (as an older more wiser woman) I have another bloody thing to think about each month. Now I'm more conscious about the products I use and how they are made.

Veeda's Mission
They strive for every woman to be informed about, and have access to, affordable and safe feminine care.
What They Stand for
  • What began as an attractive business opportunity is now a global corporation exemplifying the best in triple bottom line philosophies, with expanding programs to assist women and children around the world.
  • "Triple bottom line" means that they measure success according to three factors:
  • Customers. Providing women access to high-quality, affordable natural products.
  • Environment. Using eco-friendly practices to reduce environmental impact of their office practices, production cycles, packaging and marketing materials.
  • Community. Giving back by supporting organisations that protect the environment and advance family health and wellness on a global scale.

What really inspired me about Veeda is not the product itself. It's the brains behind it. Surprisingly the company is ran by two men...yep, two fellas. I find it odd but ever so charming that it is two men out on a mission to ensure the women in the world are more informed and have better choices when it comes to our monthly period. Surprised? I was. Big respect to these guys taking on such a female focused product that even women are uncomfortable talking about.

My experience with Veeda products 

Having tried the products I can say I was a fan of the more discreet items (yep tampons) but their sanitary towels weren't for me.  I dared to wear white whilst trying out the Veeda towels and all I can say is thank goodness I was at home. I was able to quickly deal with the situation and there was no embarrassment caused. When I gave Veeda my feedback they suggested I probably needed to use a different product designed for a heavier flow... which is a fair point.  I simply used what they supplied for me to test and review.

Oh so embarrassing 

As a woman there is nothing more embarrassing than being out and having a 'leak' during the time of the month. It is literally the worst thing ever. Our body is already going through a process that no man can ever relate to or understand, we get pains in our stomach, tiredness, we are bloated and swollen, our body temperature goes nuts, we constantly worried about 'leaking' and the sheer embarrassment this will cause.  Now if you have 'dared' to wear white and this happens - there is nothing you can do to save grace. It's a natural and normal thing for our bodies to go through, yet we feel such shame about these situations. Bazaar but true.  This is why finding a sanitary product that works well is crucial - until now this had been my only consideration.

Eyes wide open

This product review has opened my eyes to an industry that we take for granted. Female sanitary care isn't sexy and nobody wants to talk about it. But we should be. We should know more about what we put into our bodies, the way the products are created and the creation of these products has on our health and the environment.

We could all do one small thing and that's change our perception of sanitary care and swap to a brand that really does care about our health and women all around the world.

To find out more about Veeda head over to their website at or

Stay fab - and always try to stay informed!

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