Toxic Shock Syndrome & Tampon Safety with Veeda!

August 22, 2016

Toxic Shock Syndrome & Tampon Safety with Veeda!

Women have so many choices when it comes to periods, from Roman women using wool to ladies of hawaii using leaves to absorb blood, we have now come a long way where we have choices such as period pads, tampons, menstrual cups, panty liners, sea sponges the list goes on. I personally use tampons, for many reasons and I do believe tampons are better than pads for a couple of reasons; you can go swimming with tampons, tampons are away and more discrete, I have nothing rubbing against my vagina and clothes. There just three reasons but with the average woman using 16,800 tampons in her lifetime I thought I would give you my opinion and why I personally love tampons and why it's so important to to be safe using tampons!

I think once you get your head around inserting tampons it's pretty easy, if you're a tampon newbie try; sitting on the toilet, one leg on the toilet or squatting just to get used to inserting a tampon. I won't lie my first few attempts hurt and were very uncomfortable but it just takes practice. Tampons reduce odor and discomfort, before the blood can pass through your vagina and hit your period pad a tampon catches the blood and absorbs the blood for up to 8 hours (depending on your tampon size eg; light, super, super plus) this means less smell and you don't need to feel your period blood against your skin.

When I use tampons I only have to worry about a piece of string, which is so easy to tuck away and hide. With a period pad I found I couldn't wear leggings because I was scared someone would see my pad and I also couldn't go swimming so it did hinder my day to day activities. Of course like anything a tampon comes with it's responsibilities, remembering to change your tampon regularly is the main one. I will be the first to admit when I am on my period I can forget I'm even on my period using tampons but if you forget you have the opportunity of getting TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) TSS is found on the skin, armpit, groin or vagina and while everyone has antibodies to help protect them against TSS you still need to help yourself. Viscose Rayon (A form of fibre) can be found in conventional tampons, it can help produce the toxin that can lead to TSS and even when a tampon is taken out fibres can remain in the vagina. While the government did require certain warnings in the 80's about using this in tampons VR can still be found today! While only 1 in 700 women can get TSS today it's still important to look at the risks.

Veeda product 100% cotton tampons and pads to reduce this risk. Veeda said "Our tampons are lab-tested to be chemical free and contain no wood pulp, synthetic fibres, additives or pesticides, and absolutely no dioxins" Veeda will always disclose the ingredients used but some brands won't as it isn't the law! Veeda are hypoallergenic, their towel packaging breaks down in 6-12 months so is environmentally friendly and price competitive. I honestly think the positives outweigh the negatives when it comes to tampons > towels but knowing the risks and what is best for you and your lifestyle is important! Veeda tampons are some of the most comfortable I have ever used, while I can't use applicator tampons (Tampax Pearl are a NIGHTMARE!) I found Veeda easy to insert and I loved them!  It's trial and error with tampons but I can't recommend Veeda enough!

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