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Veeda Natural Cotton Night Towels

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So the P word, or M word, depending on what you call it. Those times of the month when us women have to go through the ‘dreaded’, and if you get heavy flow, night towels are a must. Being a personal thing, isn’t it better to use natural fibres against the skin? Well you can with Veeda natural cotton night towels.

A bit about the brand : Veeda as a brand, was started by 2 Australian entrepreneur guys, yes guys. They realised a gap in the market, when a friend returned from Brazil, unable to get natural cotton tampons or towels. So, realising this was an issue in other countries, and the fact that chemicals can have an effect on health, they built a business on eco-friendly, natural feminine care products. FairPlay guys!

Veeda Natural Cotton Night Towels   (£2-49 for 12 towels)

These 100% natural towels are designed for wearing in bed at night during a monthly. They are super absorbent, due to being made with a unique blend of cellulose fluff, and have a furrowed design to trap the liquid. They are shaped well to fit the female form too.

Natural Cotton Pads
No Chemicals, No Synthetics, No Dyes
Fragrance Free

The towels have wings and are ultra thin and long, ideal for night time use without the bulk of some night towels. These have bleach-free, silk top sheets, safe to use and kind to skin. Plus they provide all important maximum absorption whilst you sleep.

I have only tried one of these towels, as when I was sent them to sample, my periods stopped. I did wait to see if I had another prior to reviewing, but at 49, I hit the menopause 3 months ago. The one I did use, I found comfortable and it seems to allow skin to breathe better, plus no rubbing. It certainly absorbed quite well..and I always suffered heavy periods, especially during the first 2 two days. I think these are a fab natural alternative to some on the market, and only wish I had used them a lot earlier during my periods.

Along with other products from the range, including multi buys, Veeda Natural Cotton Night Towels are available at Veeda plus Boots chemist.

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