Veeda Natural Sanitary Products

June 24, 2016

Veeda Natural Sanitary Products

So, listen up girls, I'm going to talk to you about periods. More specifically what you use during your period. Naturally we reach for the more well known brands, because, well, they're more well known, their adverts are all over our screens, in our magazines, on side bars of the blogs we read. Basically everywhere. Now while these products serve a purpose and do that very well, I have recently been questioning whether these are indeed the right ones for my, well, vagina! Sorry, there really isn't any other way to say it!

Our most trusted sanitary products can have perfumes in which can and do irritate our sensitive areas, leading to itching and potential rashes which can have their own consequences! Not what we need when we're trying to just get through the week without dying/punching the next person who asks us if we're feeling ok/eating our own bodyweight in chocolate....!

So today, I'm going to talk to you about natural sanitary products. These natural, cotton based, pesticide and perfume free tampons and sanitary towels provide the same level of protection and comfort as you'd expect from your usual brand and all without any irritation!

During my last period I actually reached for one of my Veeda sanitary towels and I have to say I am very impressed! Now I don't usually use towels, I'm more of a tampon girl, but all in the name of research I grabbed a pad and put it to work! I am lucky in that I have a light flow and do not suffer at all from PMS or cramps! *Please don't hate me* Are you still here?? Ok cool, I'll continue.....

Veeda are hypoallergenic, toxin free, natural and organic. I admit I hadn't really heard of them before being sent a pack of tampons and sanitary towels. I use natural skincare, and beauty products so why wouldn't I want to use natural sanitary products in my most intimate area? It seems ridiculous if you think about it! Unfortunately I couldn't use the pack of tampons as the absorbency wasn't right for me but like I said before the pads were perfect; they felt very soft against my lady bits. Definitely no irritation felt! No perfume, no chemicals, no pesticides.......why hadn't I been using these before???
Veeda have a range of different sanitary products to suit your need, flow and absorbency best including:
Panty liners,
Ultra thin regular pads,
Ultra thin super long pads,
Regular tampons,
Super tampons,
Super Plus tampons
I believe Veeda also do non-applicator tampons as I was sent a couple in my May's Beauty Blogger Box, along with a couple of their pads (see pic below). This is perfect if you're more of a non applicator kinda girl! Personally I'm not but it's great that they have the choice. Veeda, bringing freedom and choice to girls and women everywhere. You wouldn't think this business is run by two Australian guys!!
Their pads were a dream to use and I would definitely recommend checking them out!
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