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Veeda products perfect for super sensitive skin

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I had no idea there was so much junk in my feminine hygiene products. I'm serious - there's synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances, dyes... and I would have never known about it; or known if there was an alternative, if I hadn't discovered Veeda.
As the vast majority of my blog readers are women, I thought you'd be interested in this brand as they make tampons, towels and liners with 100% natural cotton; and none of the nasty stuff that can cause irritation, allergic reactions or Toxic Shock Syndrome. They're chemical free, as well as being Vegan.
You all know I'm very interested in natural products - I have super sensitive skin and have previously talked about my love for natural skincare. I'm also very conscious of what ingredients are in my makeup, avoiding things like perfumes and recently switching to cruelty free brands. I figured if I'm that picky about what I put on my face, maybe I should do the same for the rest of my body.
I tried out the Veeda towels. I was worried they wouldn't feel as comfortable as my regular pads, but they actually felt better. The towels were thin enough to be discrete but still felt very high quality. Unlike other sanitary products I've used in the past, I experienced no irritation from using them; and they were much more secure and didn't move around at all.
And the best part? They're very well priced, so if you want to switch to something better for your body and the environment, these are affordable alternatives.
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