Veeda towels are the best towels I have used for a long time

July 30, 2016

I contacted Veeda in the middle of June asking if I could possibly try some of there products and they were really kind to say yes. I didn't to choose what products I wanted to try but I did not mind as they were been really kind and letting me try the products and review them free of charge. Before I tell you about the products let me tell you a little bit more about the company itself.
Veeda was company that was started by two Australian men after their friend returned home to her native Brazil after she could not find natural tampons in Australia. Their main mission statement is to strive for every woman to be informed about and have access to hypoallergenic, toxin free 100% natural cotton tampon. 
The company makes tampons, towels and liners.
Veeda 100% natural cotton regular non applicator tampons which are £1.85 for 16 tampons. 
These are the following:
* no chemicals, no synthetics and no dyes
* biodegradable tamping and string 
*fragrance free
I will be honest here I haven't tried this product as I can't used non applicator tampons as I find them to uncomfortable to use, but they haven't been wasted I have passed them onto to the local women's refugee shelter as I thought someone may be able to use them.
The second product is Veeda 100% natrual cotton ultra-thin regular towels £2.49 for 14 towels.
I used these over night and I have to admit these are the best towels I have used for a long time. Far better than one of the leading marketed products. They didn't leak at all considering they were ultra thin. Neither did they have any unpleasant odor like you can get with some towels even when they are fragranced, I really liked the fact that they were that soft and thin it didn't feel like you were wearing a pad at all it felt like you just had your knickers on. They were easy to change and the wrapper was whisper quiet so you can discreetly change the towel in a public toilet without people hearing which I personally thought was great. 
Overall I think personally would consider using Veeda again over well known brands just because they are good not just for me but for the environment also. 
You can purchase them both from boots in store and online.
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