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What's in your tampon?

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It might surprise you that feminine hygiene products from many leading brands contain a highly absorbant and potentially dangerous synthetic fiber called viscose rayon. Viscose rayon is an ingredient which research has proven to be a leading cause oftoxic shock syndrome, a rare but possibly fatal bacterial infection. In addition, some of the synthetic materials in standard pads and tampons can produce allergic reactions in some people.
So, what's the best way of protecting yourself against the potential nasties in your hygiene products? Studies have found that sanitary products made from 100% cotton have never been associated with a case of toxic shock syndrome, and these products can be kinder to those that suffer from allergies or irritation as well. It's also easier than you might think to find a much safer product.Veeda manufacture a whole line of natural cotton towels and tampons, with lots of different options available to suit your preferences.
Veeda vs. Big Brand: How does the cotton hold up? 
I tried out both the regular towels (which I purchased with my own money) and the ultra night towels (which were provided for free by Veeda) and the following review is based on my personal use of the products.
Comfort: I found the 100% cotton towel far more comfortable than the standard Bodyform product that I would usually reach for. Big brand sanitary towels can have a synthetic feel and often leave you feeling rather clammy. Not so for Veeda's products. Even during the *very* few days of warm summer weather that England experienced in June, I did not feel overheated or uncomfortable whilst wearing the Veeda towel.
Absorbancy: I found that I had to change the Veeda towels more often than I did for the big brand towel, but the Veeda product was so much more comfortable that the increased trips to the loo were of little significance. There were no unpleasant damp sensations with Veeda's products either.
Environmental Impact: Did you know that non-biodegradable sanitary products are thought to stay in landfill for up to 800 years? Ouch. Veeda's products, on the other hand, are wrapped in a biofilm packaging which breaks down in 6-12 months - super environmentally friendly!
Price: Big brand towels from Bodyform or Always can be purchased for £1.50, and these packs typically include 16 towels. The RRP for Veeda's towels is £1.98 for 14 towels in Boots, although they are currently on special offer for £1.32 (June 2016). You can purchase Veeda products direct from Veeda's website, from Boots, or from Amazon
After my trial, I will certainly be purchasing Veeda products again!
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