100% natural cotton designer liners, folded and individually wrapped, with wide adhesive and soft-as-silk feel, give you the confidence of reliable protection that feels as if it’s not there.

The thin liner wicks away moisture to keep you feeling confident and fresh every day. Made with pure, unadulterated non-GMO cotton, you can have a healthy, worry-free period without the chance of irritation.

  100% Natural Cotton 
  Ultra-absorbent polymer
  Non-irritating, hypoallergenic, non-GMO

Does NOT contain

X  Chlorine, rayon, dioxides or pesticides
X  Fragrance
X  Synthetic fibers, chemicals, or dyes


- Folded and individually wrapped 
- Secure stay-put design 
- Wide adhesive and soft-as-silk feel
- Our cotton goes from farm to packaged product using one facility
- Recyclable packaging

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